Tech gadgets with Chief Disruption Officer

Inside the mind of Hannes Sjöblad, Chief Disruption Officer at Epicenter and Singularity University Ambassador.


Tell us about a tech gadget you find interesting at the moment!

I am very excited about the new brain-controlled drone that we just received here at Epicenter. This is another step forward in bio-integration between humans and machines and an interesting new interface. Will we be driving cars just using brainwaves in the future?

Why will this ‘fly' in the future?

This technology is still somewhat imprecise. We need better granularity to make it more functional. But looking at the current tech trends, this might happen sooner rather than later. 

Why should we connect technology directly to our brains?

By interfacing technology directly with our brain we cut out the middlemen of nerves and limbs. For those of us who have grown up with bodies made of meat the transformation will be harder, but for future generation that are born into a world where this type of interface exists, it will be as intuitive to remote control technology as it is for you and me to kick a ball with our foot. 

When will we never see the classic computer mouse again?

What is a computer mouse? It sounds dangerous, should probably be avoided.