Epicenter House of Innovation is inviting you to Privacy Week 2018 – five days dedicated to everything you need to know about Privacy. 
Check out the agenda below, and don't forget to share your memories with us #epicenterprivacyweek!

In this digital era, privacy has become more and more important and a subject that relates to all industries and individuals. How is data information supposed to be handled, how are we affecting this and how will we be able to handle the daily monitoring and surveillance online when digitalization eventually changes the world. Welcome to Epicenter Privacy Week where we will do a deep dive into everything that relates to data privacy! 



Privacy is the fountainhead of all other rights. Freedom of speech doesn’t have a lot of meaning if you can’t have a quiet space. A space within yourself, within your mind, within the community of your friends, within your home, to decide what it is you actually want to say.”
– Edward Snowden




                                  UPCOMING EVENTS DURING PRIVACY WEEK


Hannes Sjöblad, Chief Disruption Officer at Epicenter, has great knowledge about privacy. Hear his best tips to play it safe: 
In this age of big data, privacy has never been more important. Governments, corporations, competitors, criminals and perverts all have an interest in intruding into your private life and communications. Here are a few very basic actions you can take to significantly improve the privacy for yourself, your company and the ones you care about: 

  • For fast messaging in private as well as professional settings, use Signal in stead of Messenger or Whatsapp.
  • Encrypt your private emails. You can for example use PGP which an open source encryption protocol, see gpgtools.org
  • Install adblockers in your browser.
  • Install and use VPN on your phone, laptop and tablets. 
  • Use pass phrases instead of password. They are safer and easier to memorise. If your passphrases are over 12 characters they become very hard to crack.