Innovation with Impact

Our Mission is to create innovation environments for fast growing digital companies and corporates looking to fast track digital growth and create innovation with impact

Epicenter is Stockholm’s first digital House of Innovation at the heart of the city and Sweden’s digital landscape. At Epicenter members are invited to innovate alongside the world’s fastest growing digital companies and creative corporate initiatives. Within Epicenter, Swedish and international entrepreneurs and companies meet to collaborate, learn and grow their businesses.

Epicenter runs corporate innovation labs, provide fast growing digital companies flexible work space as well as knowledge and creativity through seminars and educational programs for companies and organizations that wish to learn more about digital opportunities and corporate innovation.

The conception and development of Epicenter is based on the founding teams extensive knowledge in building companies designed to create innovation with impact. Epicenter is managed by growth experts Result and leading digital knowledge event Sime and is part of AMF Fastigheter's district being developed around Mood Stockholm.