17/1 12:00-13:00

GDPR – What happened after?

Peter Käll from Grant Thornton
Event place
Revelation Space

It's time for a GDPR follow-up - what happened next?

The hysteria around GDPR last year was almost on the same level as the ”millennium bug”. Everyone was preparing for something but no one really know the outcome of it. So now, 6 months later, we'll go through what really happened and how it effected us in doing business. To straighten things out we invited GDPR expert Peter Käll from Grant Thornton back, to follow up on his previous session (GDPR - What is it? https://epicenterstockholm.com/event/gdpr-what-it-means-you-and-how-dea…)

So make sure to sign up for on of the most important Master Classes so far – and hurry up as there are limited amount of seats. See you there!