Leading global ecosystem for corporate innovation labs

Strategic innovation meets hands on execution

Innovation with impact happens when there is an attitude, supported by a vision and a clear strategy. At Epicenter, we run corporate innovation labs that are strategic and with an entrepreneurial DNA. We are not consultants, or agencies, but instead are an extended part of the innovation team working hands on to create impact. Our labs run on proven methodologies that are tailor made per organisation and have high clock-speed. We begin by creating an innovation execution blueprint that is in line with your overall strategy, and then drive agreed activities and programs jointly with you and for you. 

Internal Innovation labs

Internal Innovation labs are strategic to drive new mindset, attitude and arm employees with toolkits to work faster. The lab can then create formats to empower ideas from inside the organisation into new products or services. An example is a 6-12 week program we run, where we work with the teams to validate problem / solution fit, build prototypes, proof points from within the organisation and outside and test the business case. 

External Innovation labs

External Innovation labs are strategic to find new revenues, equity opportunities or to learn about the digital ecosystem around your industry. The lab here creates methodologies and formats to create unique partnerships or use our global scan to find fast growing proven business models to inject into your ecosystem

Customer Labs

Customer Labs are strategic to find revenues and create a deeper relationship with your customer. An example is a customer lab by industry of the client, to explore and make sense for your customer to understand disruption and create new services that make them future proof

High priority labs

High priority labs are strategic to help hand picked top priority light-house initiatives to be fine tuned for creating more impact.