1/3 16:00-19:00

World Future Day at Epicenter Stockholm

Epicenter Stockholm
Mathias Sundin, Rebecka Carlsson, Hannes Sjoblad, Christian von Essen
Event place
The Terrace, Epicenter Stockholm, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36, Stockholm

Welcome to the celebration of World Future Day - This Event is now full and sign up is closed
Friday 1 March 2019, 16.00-19.00 at Epicenter Stockholm, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36, Stockholm

Welcome to an afternoon of visionary talks and roundtable conversations about different speculative futures! The event is for free.

The theme of the day is "Where are we going?". Through unprejudiced conversations, we will work to improve our understanding of what the world may be like in 50 years from now, and more importantly – what do we want it to be like?


The Program:
Intro talks On Possible Futures - Where Are We Going?

We'll run six short (~8 mins) themed talks by different experts:

  • A Sustainable Society Through Technology - Rebecka Carlsson, Heureka Ventures
  • Make our Future in Space Come Sooner - Mathias Sundin, Warp Institute. Space exploration used to only for presidents and billionaires. Now space is open for everyone to be involved in. The proof is the Warp Space Program, a global space community where the members together fund space missions. First is Beyond Atlas, the world's first private mission to an asteroid.
  • Augmented Humans - Hannes Sjoblad, Bionyfiken. What we can and should do to modify and improve the human condition
  • Understanding Speculative Futures - Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard, The Speculative Futures Stockholm Chapter. The Speculative Futures is an interdisciplinary platform focusing on futuring, design fiction, strategy and foresight. As part of a global community interested in designing better futures, the Chapter aims to bring together design industry, businesses and researchers to have a conversation about the impact of future products, services and technologies in our society.
  • Why the brain is the new frontier! - Jane Skullman, Stockholm Futurists. Future technology together with old practices like meditation and mindfulness gives us the opportunity to improve our health, thinking, and cognitive performance!
  • I interviewed 50 futurists and this is what I learned - Christian von Essen, Heja Framtiden

17.00 Roundtable Open Conversations. 
After the intro talks we will split up around different tables and discuss the topics further. Participants can float as they wish between the different tables.

18.00 Mingle with drinks

19.00 Event ends


The World Future Day celebration is a co-arrangement with Epicenter Stockholm, Warp Institute, Heja Framtiden, Bionyfiken and Stockholm Futurists. and is kindly supported by Deloitte Sweden.

About World Future Day
Most holidays we celebrate are about historical events, the birth or death of kings and saints, days of liberation and revolution and other national events.

In the fast changing world we live in, we need to spend at least one day per year engaging with what we want the future to be like. March 1st is internationally recognized as World Future Day and celebrated at universities and by futurists around the world with conversations about the future. 

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