7/12 18:00-19:30

Webby Talks Stockholm

Webby Awards
Gianfranco Chicco
Event place
Revelation Space

The Webby Awards are coming to Epicenter. Come listen to Gianfranco Chicco, European Director, The Webby Awards, when he gives you the latest on topic: The Automated Life. Learn more about how advanced algorithms, machine learning and bots redefine every aspect of modern life, including what it means to be human. Actually meaning: What it means to be - you. Do not miss this rare opportunity. And hang out with the smartest and coolest from the lively and Swedish advertising-, communication- and pr-community.

THE WEBBY AWARDS IS THE LEADING INTERNATIONAL AWARD HONOURING EXCELLENCE ON THE INTERNET. Established in 1996 during the Web’s infancy, The Webbys is presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS). There will be drinks. Limited seats. Sign up now!