22/9 12:00-13:00

Thought Leader Talk & Synbiotic Lunch

Aline Santa Izabel
Event place

Today we cook not just for you, but for your microbiome. In our gut systems, millions of friendly bacteria perform important health supporting functions. Just like farmers takes care of their livestock, so do we need to take care of all the little beings inside us. Today K-märkt serve a lunch specially composed to optimise the health of your microbiome.

In a concise lunch talk, Aline Santa Izabel will explain the importance of maintaining a healthy microbiome and the fundamentals of managing it. Aline is a Brazilian scientist with degrees in Microbiology, Bioengineering, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management. She has been part of the team developing “The Synbiotic Lifestyle™ Cookbook - Knowledge and Cooking for your Ecosystem” with The Synbiotic Lifestyle company. Today she will share her insights in synbiotic cooking principles, a nutritional approach focused on maintaining a diet that is healthy not just for you, but also for the inner you.