We're happy to announce that Epicenter Stockholm, together with Trede Properties and SEB Greenhouse, can introduce an innovative solution for housing for Epicenter member companies! Say hello to Epicenter Living!
Through this partnershi, we will be able to find new alternatives for companies looking for housing for their employees. Fast-growing companies in need of housing for employees – hit us! If you're interested in getting an apartment for your company, apply by filling in your information below. 

  • The apartments that will be offered to the member companies of Epicenter are environmentally friendly newly built and located in the nearby areas of Stockholm.  
  • The first 14 apartments that are ready for move-in are located in Spånga and Bromma. 
  • During 2019 Trede Properties will acquire up to 800 new apartments to access in the beginning of next summer. These apartments will be located in the nearby areas of Stockholm such as Solna centrum, Sundbyberg centrum, Bromma, Marieheäll, Spånga station, Sollentuna centrum, Kista, Alvik and Hagastaden.

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