EPICENTER Completes development OF Epicenter MÄSTER SAMUELSGATAN 36 and releases new identity

Epicenter is now fully opened at Mäster Samuelsgatan 36 in the district around Mood. Based on the success of the first Epicenter, the new venue, of more than 11.000 sqm, has fully opened enabling even more fast-growing digital companies and corporate innovation initiatives to join as members and create innovation with impact.

As part of the completion of the new, Epicenter releases a new identity that amplifies our vision - to create a place where the greatest entrepreneurs and intrapreneus are always in motion, establishing themselves on the global scene of success. That is what Epicenter is all about.



Studying our new identity and sign, you will see that the content is limitless, undefined and constantly in motion - just like people and ideas. It is a randomly shaped pattern, which constantly pulsates and changes. It is a context, a space – where you cannot predict exactly what will happen. The only thing you know is that things will happen.